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By Fine Dental Arts of Bellevue
November 28, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Unfortunately, root canal therapy tends to be shrouded in misconception for many people. However, this crucial procedure can actually root canalsave the natural structure of a damaged tooth, preventing the need for extraction and helping to preserve your smile. Learn more about root canal therapy with Dr. Kianoosh Behshid at Fine Dental Arts in Bellevue, WA.

Common Misconceptions Your Bellevue Dentist Would Like You to Know About Root Canals

“A root canal is painful.” The very first step your dentist takes while preparing for a root canal is to numb the area of the tooth in question. While you may feel some pressure while your dentist works, the anesthetic step eliminates the chance that you will feel any pain during your procedure. If you feel pain, you should alert Dr. Behshid so she can administer more anesthetic to your tooth.

“My dentist can just pull my tooth to avoid a root canal.” Extraction is almost always viewed as a last resort, not an alternative to other dental procedures like root canals. Saving the natural structure of your tooth will allow you to eat, chew and speak normally. A missing tooth comes with a slew of dental issues like bone atrophy, drifting surrounding teeth, and, eventually, sagging facial skin. A missing tooth can also skew your mouth’s bite, making chewing and eating more difficult or less effective. Root canal therapy preserves your tooth’s natural structure, avoiding a gap in your smile and allowing you to keep going about your daily activities as you would have before your root canal.

“I only need a root canal if I have a toothache.” While many cases of toothaches do end in a root canal, a toothache is actually one of the last signs that your tooth requires a root canal. Tooth decay begins on the outside of your tooth and eats its way through layer by layer until it reaches the tooth’s inner pulp, causing a toothache. It is at this end stages of decay that your tooth requires a root canal. If caught early, before the decay reaches the inner pulp, a root canal can actually prevent a toothache before it occurs.

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