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By Fine Dental Arts
May 10, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
dental implants To get straight to the point—yes, tooth loss is bad for your oral health. If you are missing a tooth, you must have underwent an extraction or experienced dental trauma, resulting in a knocked-out tooth. Or you could have lost a tooth to gum disease. The affected tooth is gone, and you may be thinking that the problem is solved. That’s not the case.

Tooth loss turns the tables on your oral health

At our Bellevue dentist office, we have examined patients’ mouths and seen how tooth loss and weak tooth structure can cause oral health to decline. It’s very important to find a replacement for a missing tooth or teeth.
Without timely repair of your smile, a number of problems can arise:
  • Neighboring teeth gravitate towards the open space
  • Exposed gum tissue become irritated by outside forces
  • Bite and function of teeth change, thus, making it difficult to chew and speak
Nowadays, a dental implant is a practical option for many reasons:
  • It saves the jawbone from disappearing
  • A dental implant stays put, permanently
  • The synthetic crown blends in well with natural teeth
  • You can maintain a dental implant by good brushing and flossing

Is the reason behind tooth loss important?

Yes. We will need to determine why you lost a tooth. If a tooth was knocked out, we can go ahead and create a treatment plan for replacing the tooth. On the other hand, tooth loss caused by gum disease or an infection can affect the results of a tooth replacement, such as a dental implant.
Before any restorative treatment can start, other dental issues need to be handled beforehand. If underlying problems aren’t treated first, gum disease/infection can spread, resulting in more tooth loss.
Most people get tooth loss treated, but that’s usually if the tooth is in the front.
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