Most common dental emergencies
By Kianoosh Behshid, DDS, PLLC
January 21, 2015
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Dental emergencies are not uncommon as pain serves as an emphatic indicator that you need to seek urgent care. There are lots of reasons that bring on an emergency situation and the most common ones can differ among age groups.

The most common dental emergency among children is a tooth getting knocked out. The key is to act quickly. Collect the tooth, but be careful not to touch the root. In the event that the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it but do not scrub it. If a child is able to get to an emergency dentist right away, the tooth can usually be re-implanted.

Teenagers are also very susceptible to having a tooth knocked out as it is a common reason for dental emergencies in that age group. A break in a teenager’s braces or a loose wire may not inflict as much pain as a knocked out tooth, but it will make for a lot of discomforts. Seeing an emergency dentist about failing orthodontic hardware can save teenagers a lot of angst.
Among elderly patients, denture problems are quite common. When any part of a denture breaks, it’s important to seek immediate attention as that is the source many senior citizens use for eating. Same day dentures can serve as a temporary solution until the original dentures can be fixed.

When it comes to adults, there are a variety of issues that call for the need of an emergency dentist. When a filling falls out, a lot of pain ensues. Your tooth then becomes very sensitive to temperature and touch.

However, it is toothaches that remain one of the leading causes of dental emergencies in adults. Until you can see a dentist, rinse with warm water and then rest a cold compress on your cheek. Be careful not to rub any pain medications on your gums as that could cause inflammation  and hurt your teeth even more.

A cracked, chipped or broken tooth can also bring about the onset of pain. When this occurs, use the same remedy to treat a toothache until you can get in to see a dentist. Many times, it is bacteria that causes pain so it’s imperative to have a dentist remove that bacteria as soon as possible.

If you experience a dental emergency, Bellevue is equipped with an emergency service located at Fine Dental Arts. One of our emergency dentists can treat you right away and bring an end to your pain. Those in need of emergency dental service in Kirkland and Redmond can also utilize our emergency services.