Dispelling myths about root canal
By Kianoosh Behshid, DDS, PLLC
January 21, 2015
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Root canal is often thought of as one of the most painful and unpleasant experiences anyone can endure. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many common misconceptions people have developed  about root canal.

First and foremost, root canals are not a source of pain. When you are in need of a root canal, you are usually already in pain. That pain is nothing that you will feel during your actual root canal. The entire area is numbed before the dentist begins any work, so you will not feel a thing. Remember that the pain of your root canal comes from an untreated infection and not the actual procedure itself. It is a way of saving your tooth.

There also no health risks associated with root canal. Undergoing this type of procedure will not lead to heart disease, kidney disease or any other issues in the future. The tooth is completely disinfected, leaving behind nothing that could cause other health complications. The tooth is also not deadened even though the crown is used to finish off the procedure.

Many people fail to realize that a tooth treated with root canal can be retreated years later. This process is referred to as a retreatment, which is a re-cleaning of the root.

Another myth that surrounds root canals involves tooth extraction. A common misconception is that pulling a tooth would be a better alternative. This may be a quicker procedure, but it will leave you with a sizeable space somewhere in your mouth. Not only is that unsightly, but it could lead to problems with chewing or talking. Most people who believe this myth believe the myth that root canals are painful.

Root canals do not have to be a costly expense. It is less expensive than pulling a tooth and replacing it with a dental implant or dental bridge. Costs of root canal can fluctuate.

Pregnant women can also benefit from root canal without having to worry about any side effects. Since the infection is what calls for the need of a root canal, it is healthier for an unborn baby. Root canal kills the infection.

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