Choosing the right family dentist
By Kianoosh Behshid, DDS, PLLC
January 21, 2015
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There is an abundance of family dentists throughout the country, although there are plenty of differences between them. Choosing the right family dentist is key to your health and the health of your family. Here are some helpful hints to consider when choosing a family dentist in your area.

Cleanliness should be a primary concern. This applies to more than just a waiting area, but also applies to the examination rooms. If neither is clean, run for the door. Also, be sure to check out their equipment and see what kind of condition it is in. Any dirty or unsanitary equipment could lead to infections.

The education level of a quality dentist should always be ongoing. There is more to just receiving a degree and certification in order to practice dentistry. Innovations, techniques, and equipment routinely arise in the dental industry. Failing to keep pace with those trends shows that a dentist is not looking out for the patient’s best interests. Be sure to ask about the dentist’s most recent qualifications or certifications and it will tell you a lot.

Technology also plays a part in maintaining a steady pace with innovation. Dentists should always be upgrading their technology to give patients the best up-to-date treatment on the market. Whether its teeth whitening procedures or  some other cosmetic upgrade, patients deserve the best technology the industry has to offer.

Reputation and reliability are prerequisites when it comes to any business. The same applies to family dentists. Spend some time on the web checking out online reviews of the family dentists you are considering. It doesn’t hurt to have the input from real people who have been in those dental offices before.

Payment options are another important area to consider. That means finding out what insurance policies or discount plans certain dental offices will honor. It’s not recommended to cut corners when it comes to the health of your teeth. But it is also important to know what will be expected of you from a financial standpoint.

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